2016 Think Apex Awards

The Inaugural Think Apex Awards took place on Tuesday, June 7th at 7:00PM during the Apex Town Council Meeting.

Think Apex Awards program was established to highlight local businesses, individuals, and nonprofits that go above and beyond to give back to our community. During a two month period, over 60 online nominations were received for consideration. The 2015 nominees gave back to Apex in multiple ways such as providing exceptional service to customers, raising money for community projects, providing mentor-ship for youth, volunteering through many organizations, and by providing goods and supplies to those in need.     

The nominees for the Individual or Group category were:

  • Christine Hilt
  • Heather Werking
  • C. Knowles
  • Jim Bedotto
  • Kyle and Megan Denis
  • Michelle Riggs
  • Nancy Fish
  • Sydney McCoy
  • Tony Pendola

Top Thinker Award (Individual or Group): J.C. Knowles

J.C. Knowles is known throughout Apex for his endless dedication in making Apex the Best Place to Live in America. He serves on multiple boards and in many organizations and never misses an event in Apex. He is also known for his deep love of history and the way he showcases that knowledge by publishing a monthly periodical about our town’s history as well as current events. On any given day, you may see J.C. wearing a top hat and decorative sash with the highly deserving title of Apex Ambassador written across it.

JC Knowles

Top Thinker Award (Individual or Group): Kyle and Megan Denis

Kyle and Megan Denis are known for the atmosphere of inclusivity and fun that they have created over the past few years. They have an active role in the lives of the Apex youth by mentoring and teaching students about outdoor recreation,through their business Apex Outfitter and Board Co., and also about much larger and intentional topics such as religion and faith through their involvement in YoungLife. They also played a large role in drumming up the necessary interest for a much-needed town park, the Rogers Family Skate Plaza. 

Kyle and Megan Denis

Honorable Mention award (Individual or Group): Christine Hilt

Christine Hilt is known for her dedication to making Apex a great place to live, work and play. Her selfless devotion to the town has taken many forms but most notable was her role as a Town Council member. Christine has been a key player on multiple projects such as town parks, schools, and the downtown service memorial. She is admired for her quick wit and endless devotion to our town.

Christine Hilt

The nominees for the Business category were:

  • Academy for the Performing Arts
  • Adela’s Salon
  • Apex Printing Company
  • Downtown Knits
  • iHop
  • Grow Preschool
  • Pathways Treatment Center
  • Primrose School of Apex
  • Promotional Partners
  • Salem Street Car Care Center
  • The Wolgin Real Estate Group
  • Town and Country Animal Hospital
  • Werking Design and Décor

Top Thinker Award (Business): Academy for the Performing Arts

The Academy for the Performing Arts works to educate our youth on the needs of our community in the form of public service projects. Although the Academy for the Performing Arts is known for its excellent extracurricular activities, it is also much more. It has a solid presence in our community by hosting canned food drives, making care packages for the homeless and hosting performances around Apex to bring cheer to the elderly. The Academy for the Performing Arts utilizes its skillset and talented students to always make Apex a better place.


Top Thinker Award (Business): Promotional Partners

Promotional Partners provides excellent service that reaches far past any client’s expectations. Often providing free marketing consulting, Promotional Partners strives to give its customers the best experience each time they call or stop by. However, they also does so much more. Promotional Partners is a pillar of the community because of their involvement in mentoring our youth, along with their enthusiasm to serve on many boards and committees in many organizations. Promotional Partners takes its mission to provide excellent service to a new level while always offering their time and resources to local high schools and civic organizations.

Promotional Partners

Honorable Mention (Business): Pathways Treatment Center

Pathways Treatment Center has dedicated itself to the betterment of families in the Apex area. Its focus is not only on the treatment and development of children with neurological challenges but also on the relationships within the families that are raising those children. Pathways Treatment Center offers an array of services for individuals and families with the mission of changing each family for the better. They have a tremendous impact on the families they serve because it is the only provider in the southeastern part of the US that specializes in two specific therapies. Pathways Treatment Center sees family relationships and individual well-being as a work of passion.

Pathways Treatment Center

The nominees for the non-profit category were:

  • Apex Farmers Market
  • Apex Festival Commission
  • Apex Sunrise Rotary Foundation
  • Jordan Lutheran Church
  • Mary A.M.E. Church
  • Western Wake Crisis Ministry

Top Thinker Award (Non-Profit): St. Mary A.M.E. Church

St. Mary A.M.E. Church has had a very long legacy in Apex. It has dedicated itself to addressing the needs of the Apex community by hosting a food pantry multiple times during the week as well as offering guidance and friendship. St. Mary A.M.E. Church is also devoted to enriching today’s youth by offering affordable summer camps that provide children with a fun and safe environment to learn and engage with one another. St. Mary A.M.E. Church is known for its generous congregation and selfless giving.

St. Mary A.M.E. Church

Top Thinker Award (Non-Profit): Western Wake Crisis Ministry

Western Wake Crisis Ministry is known throughout the community as a life-changing resource for those in need. Western Wake Crisis Ministry offers a monthly food pantry that serves many families within Apex and the surrounding areas. It also provides financial assistance to families that are at risk of having critical utilities turned off because of financial shortfall. Western Wake Crisis Ministry is known for constantly serving the needs of Apex through religious counseling as well as job training and education.

Western Wake Crisis Ministry

Honorable Mention (Non-Profit): Apex Festival Commission

Apex Festival Commission is known for its contributions to creating a vibrant community by hosting multiple events throughout the year. However, not as well-known is the Apex Festival Commission’s impact on the community by sponsoring and supporting many town projects and cultural initiatives. This organization is responsible for donating over $300,000 in the last 10 years and has no plans of stopping. The Apex Festival Commission is known for bolstering a great quality of life for Apex residents as well as contributing significant sponsorships.

Apex Festival Commission

On behalf of the Think Apex team, thank you all for coming out to the Inaugural Think Apex Awards! Our goal in highlighting these amazing individuals and organizations is to encourage others to put their community first and to go above and beyond what we are all normally expected to do. And as always, when you think about giving back, Think Apex!

Group photo